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I havnt posted here for quite a while now, since the last mix cd was out. The mix cd recieved rave reviews from all who were lucky to get a copy :)

On the site side of things, i have big things planned soon. Ive been busy designing the next instalment of cmpdesigns for the past 2 weeks or so and am getting to the point where its ready to release to the factory floor. Dont expect anything to appear up here for about a month though, there is still a lot of work to do. Watch this space.

Also expected with the site update is a long overdue overhaul to the portfolio page to make it easier to navigate and a return to the drop down menu method of navigation. The new site has been built to be a lot less cluttered, ive removed the excess features that were rubbish and kept the stuff that was actually useful. Now if only i could get paid for it, i could get me one of them new Powerbooks or a Mac Mini

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New Christmas Mix CD ft. Bing Crosby etc.

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HouseMusicMix 12.04Ok. Not Really. But it does feature Steve Angello, Dave Armstrong, Ian Carey and Full Intention.

You can find the tracklist and cover for the new cd in the mix cd section under music, its called "HouseMusicMix". Original title isnt it?

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New Learning Pool Site Live

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Ive finally finished my latest project. The Learning Pool redesign has been an ongoing project for me since early this year. The task was to build a new adult learning site which incorporated accessibilty standards such as the W3 and WAI web standards.

The new site has been built from the bottom up using XHTML and CSS and features centre and course details, library details, a members section and tons of new features. You can find it at

I am currently working on a new portfolio system for this site and will include Learning Pool and others in this new system when it has been completed.

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New Gallery: iMac G5

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Visit my iMac G5 GalleryIve posted a new image gallery of my brand new baby. You can take a peek by clicking resources and going to the galleries page.

Alternatively, you can just click the image to the left :)

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