New Powerbooks Tempt Web Designer!

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powerbook15 So Apple have finally gotten around to refreshing the Powerbook line... This is what ive been waiting for all year.

No jump in speed as such (you still get the 1.67ghz G4 but now on all models not just the top of the range) but in my opinion, 1.67ghz is pretty powerful for a laptop computer. Speed increase have been made in memory (now DDR2 PC4200) and graphics (now a 128mb ATI Radeon 9700 Mobility).

Other exciting new features include a higher resolution screen (1440x960), a brighter screen (46% brighter) and better battery life (5.5hrs). Plus these powerbooks come with all the great features from the old models that made this one of the best laptops you could buy.

All the innovative features you rarely get on Windows laptops such as keyboard backlight with a sensor to detect how bright the backlight needs to be, a motion sensor that detects if your Powerbook is being dropped or jostled around and takes action to prevent data loss, excellent form factor, weight and a 5400rpm drive (still a rarity in laptops).

I think its high time to sell the old laptop (a Time laptop running on Windows) and get a laptop with a secure, easy to use, virus and adware free operating system like Mac OS X Tiger. In fact, ive nearly reached my goal in the Powerbook fund ive been accumulating for a few months now. Ive actually sold the old laptop already which leaves me about £400 short of my target... thats what credit cards are for I guess!

Im hoping to put my order in sometime after next week when I get paid... Ill take some pics and post my thoughts on the Powerbook when I get it.

Oh, and for those of you waiting on the new CD, its nearly there. I had to wait until I beat this cold so that I could hear properly to mix it. Expect the usual high quality funky and electronic house music.

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E.l.e.c.t.r.i.c - Something New...

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Electric Ok, this is something new. For the last few CDs ive been dabbling with electronic sounding house music. Released today is the first cd filled entirely with this style.

Ok, so its no Space album, but hey, im no Jonathan Ulysses either. You know where to get a copy from.

Check out the tracklist by clicking the cd cover.

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The Next CD

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Ive already started work on the next mix cd. Since the last cd was predominantly funky, the next cd is going to be a complete electro-fest.

I havnt got many tracks lined up yet, but I know the general sound im looking for.

My secret weapon at the moment: Roman Fluegel - Gehts Noch (Steve Angello Mix)... has more bleeps than you can shake a reasonably large stick at.

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August House 2005

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August House 2005Ive finally added the finishing touches to the latest mix cd. My headphones are giving me jip at the moment, so dont expect anything fantastic mixing wise.

As usual the tunes are wicked, mostly funky house but with a few twisted track thrown on at the end for good measure.

Check it out by clicking the cd cover.

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