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My First iPod

Full write-up coming soon

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Pixmania? Dont Bother.

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A slight correction to the post yesterday. After altering the stock levels far too many times in 24 hours starting from in stock to more than 10 days and lots of guesses in-between. Pixmania contacted me and requested more proof of my identity.

Now, I dont know about you, but I dont feel safe emailing personal info such as passport or driver licence details across the net. So I cancelled my order with them (which took a few hours in itself).

Ive now ordered from Dixons for £2 dearer (£180 delivered), a company I trust a lot more despite the quirks Safari experienced on their website.

Should recieve my iPod next Tuesday. Yippee!

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My First iPod

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iPodYep, I finally succumbed. After months and months of saying "I don't need one, i don't need one" I finally went and ordered an iPod. My reasoning is that it could replace my 12disc changer in the car (the car kit will have to wait 'til next month though...).

To celebrate this fact (but mostly 'cos i was bored), I drew a little image of an iPod. Its not great, but it aint bad for 20mins work. Click it to view the bigger version.

By the way, the cheapest place online to get them is Pixmania (trust me, I looked everywhere), with a discount code, they offer free 24hr express delivery and were even cheaper than the Apple education store!

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Apple Cinema Displays

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Apple Cinema DisplayAfter working for years on big clunky displays, we decided the time had come to order replacements for the ancient CRT displays we use in work.

After a careful and rather thorough research into LCD displays we finally decided upon the 20 inch Apple Cinema Displays. Not only did they look nice, but when compared against other widescreen alternatives they were better performing and surprisingly cheaper displays. Read on for more…

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